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Benefits to Energy Procurement Comparison Shopping

Reduce your electric and natural gas, using our White Glove comparison shopping approach!

  • Over 30 years of experience.
  • Dedicated Energy Procurement Specialist.
  • We provide simple and reliable energy rates.
  • Free Reverse Energy Auctions
  • ALL energy price comparison rates are transparent.
  • Large network of Electric and Natural Gas Suppliers
  • Guidance during our safe and secure signup process.
  • There’s NO lapse in service.
  • You ALWAYS receive the same reliable energy.

Energy Procurement Solutions

Energy is one of the largest parts of a companies overhead.  Whether you’re a Large Business, National Account or Industrial you require energy. 

Trust and Accountability is valuable when receiving these commodities at the most competitive price.  Who do you count on, to ensure you’re dealing with the right energy experts?  The utility company?  The energy supplier?  The energy broker?  What you need is professionals with decades of experience:

  • Daily monitoring of the Electricity / Natural Gas Markets.
  • Dozens of relationships with energy suppliers across the U.S.
  • Industry solutions and tools convincing energy suppliers to compete for your business.
  • Experienced staff, responsive to your requirements and goals.

Market Experience has professional energy experts who’ve been in the energy sector, since the dawn of energy deregulation.  Our experts have watched the market soar and sink time and time again, while accurately pinpointing the correct time to purchase energy for customers.  Having experts who understand this, allows you to maximize on energy cost savings.  When signing up with, we remain on the lookout for your next buying opportunity, whether that is the next week or the next year, so that you can always stay ahead of the market.

Energy Supplier Options is all about options.  Without options you’re not much better off than the old utility monopoly. understands this and takes it to heart, which is why we’ve cultivated relationships with over 40 licensed electricity and natural gas suppliers across the country.  These relationships mean that we can bring multiple suppliers to the table to look at your energy needs, providing you the opportunity to compare offers all in one place. It’s not just about price.  Having multiple suppliers at our fingertips allows us to offer an array of purchase options and to negotiate the most favorable contract terms for you.

Energy Supplier Competition Is Good

Competition is the key to driving energy prices down.  This is something that we at firmly believe in, and that is why we utilize multiple tools that are designed to get our suppliers to bid against one another for your energy dollar.  Through the use of blind bids, suppliers are compelled to submit their best offer for your energy or risk losing your business to another supplier.  Reverse Energy Auctions place all suppliers in a real-time race to the bottom in which the lowest bidder takes the contract.  The method of competition depends on your location, usage levels, and contract preferences, but you can be assured that will make suppliers compete to be your energy supplier.

Energy Professionals

When you work with for your energy procurement needs, you gain access to a staff of professionals that are both knowledgeable and responsive.  Our staff members have decades of experience working in the energy procurement industry and our procurement is supervised by a Certified Energy Procurement Professional.  We will help guide you throughout the procurement process, first by getting to understand your energy goals and then by putting you on a path to achieve them.  From data collection to pricing to contracting, you will always find an representative available via email or over the phone to answer your questions. Energy procurement may not always be on your mind, but when it is you should have someone like at your service.

Have More Than One Location?

If you have multiple locations, and you want to bundle to save even more on your energy procurement costs; or your business is annually using more than 1 million Electric kWh, or 3000 Natural Gas MCF; you qualify for a free custom consultation.

Reverse Energy Auctions

Putting the Focus on You

To get the best pricing, suppliers need to be focused on you and your needs.  In a Reverse Energy Auction, YOU call the shots, and the attention is concentrated on your account.  If your business is using annually, 1 million and up Electric kWh, and/or 3,000 and up Natural Gas MCF, you qualify for our FREE Reverse Energy Auction.  All suppliers are given the same bid specifications and show up the same time to compete against each other for YOUR business.


During a specific, short window of time, suppliers are matched against each other, to contend for your account. They gauge their position relative to the lowest price and adjust their offers in real-time. You view the competition online and watch the prices drop as time ticks away.

A Consultant in Your Corner: “We’re Here Advising You On Every Stage of the Process”

  • Account Research: Current contract obligations, rates/tariffs, and energy plans.
  • Drafting the bid specifications.
  • Engaging with qualified providers to vie for your business.
  • Monitoring the market to ensure proper timing for optimal savings.
  • Overseeing the actual event and contract process.

Utility / Energy Audits

Is your facility wasting energy, and do you know if it is?  If you haven’t had an energy audit recently, you probably don’t know.  Energy finds ways of escaping your facility through your building envelope, inefficient lighting, costly chillers and boilers; increasing your energy and maintenance overhead every year. provides energy audits, conducted by licensed professionals, to uncover why you have expensive utility bills.  At the same time provides custom tailored energy solutions, addressing your energy efficiency and building envelope issues.  Using’s NO out-of-pocket investment plan and utilizing the utilities rebates are solutions offers to save you money; but it all starts with an Energy Audit.

Utility Bill Audits

Guess what?  Utility companies make billing mistakes.  Sometimes your meter gets read incorrectly, or a data entry error is made, or they simply charge you at the wrong rate.  When that happens, it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There is good news!  Utility billing errors can be found, and can be reimbursed, often times for up to two years.  Our teams 30 years of experience, working with utilities gives the advantage to finding errors in utility bills, and leveraging our knowledge for your facilities benefit throughout the utility bill audit. will review your utility bills, identify any errors, and work with the utility towards a resolution.  Best of all, you only pay when finds a recoverable error.  What do you have to lose?

Rate & Tariff Analysis

Ensuring your facility’s energy costs stay in check is a must!  This is why your utility accounts should be placed on a optimal utility rate and tariff schedule.  Utilities are good at delivering energy, but they don’t always do it in the most optimal way. picks up the slack through a rate and tariff analysis. reviews your facilities utility account rate classifications, and will reconcile them with alternative classifications you qualify for.  Once a better rate classification is found, we work with the utility to get your accounts changed and recover any losses that your facilities may have incurred. provides this service through a shared savings arrangement, so we only get paid when we save you money.


Has the city informed you, your facility needs to benchmark its energy use?   Are you unsure how to comply with these requirements; or you just don’t have the time? can assist you with our experienced energy benchmarking team, ensuring your facility stays in compliance with benchmarking regulations, while providing energy data, possibly leading to savings with your energy costs.

Benchmarking Your Energy Use

Some Cities and States now mandate large commercial and residential buildings benchmark their energy use on an annual basis.  These mandates require utility usage data to be uploaded online, so comparisons are made to similar facilities and against itself over time; hoping to encourage the greater efficiency in energy use.

However, gathering energy data from your facility and entering it online is strenuous and time consuming. will work with your local electric, natural gas, and water utilities; gathering annual usage information, on all your facilities, including getting tenant permission when required. also input your energy usage and facility specific data into the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager, and work closely with local authorities ensuring your facility complies with local requirements, avoiding costly fines. also handles the third-party engineering verification of your benchmarking results as required by law.

Advantages of Benchmarking understands benchmarking is an inconvenience, but makes it a positive experience.  With 30 years of experience in energy consulting and procurement, the process of benchmarking allows to identify opportunities, saving you money with your energy costs.  Finding profitable equipment upgrades, to spotting opportunities for self-generation and demand reduction, to discovering billing errors that may cost you thousands of dollars; ensures your benchmarking works for you.

Telecom, Date / Cable

Telecommunication and network services are a top 3 expense for most businesses. And with immense technological advances being made every day in the industry, coupled with the pressure to keep your business systems up-to-date, costs are only sure to stay high for the foreseeable future. knows that anything you can do to manage costs in this area has the potential to provide massive savings for your business, which is why we are here to help you navigate the waters of telecom and network service providers.

Carrier Options

As in energy procurement, the key to getting the best prices for telecom and network services is through options. That’s why has worked to establish relationships with over 70 telecom carriers nationwide, including several of the largest. Through our relationships we are able to offer you diverse solution options for your phone, internet, data, and networking needs, all in one place. No more one size fits all solutions or hours wasted comparing a few limited options. With multiple carriers focused on you, you hold the negotiating power; ensuring that you get the telecom solutions that best meet your business goals and budget.

Fostering Competition

Getting the lowest price for telecom and data services is all about competition. At , we leverage our telecom carriers against one another to not only provide you with a variety of solution options, but to drive down the cost of providing those services to you. We compel our carriers to bid against one another using a blind bid process. They provide you with their best price, or they risk losing your business to a rival carrier. And with our access to the largest nationwide carriers, you can be assured that your organization will see a robust level of competition that results in the lowest possible price for your telecom and network services.

Solutions for Everyone

No matter whether you’re a large business with locations all over the country or you have one phone in the middle of the desert, has a telecom solution for you. Our diversity of carriers and options means that there is something for everyone. This flexibility provides a great advantage to small and large businesses that see their telecom and networking needs continually evolving.

Water / Sewer Management

Water and sewer expenses have increasingly become a significant operating expense for many facilities, and every indication is that it will only get more expensive in the years ahead. This makes water efficiency and conservation solutions critical elements in keeping operating costs under control. But it’s not just about low flow faucets and shutting off the sprinklers. To truly optimize your water and sewer spend, you need to ensure only water is flowing through your meter, that you’re actually using the water you’re paying for, and that your water isn’t accelerating the decline of your cooling towers. offers solutions that allow your facility to address these issues without draining your budget.

Smart Water System

Did you know that your water and sewer meters are charging you for air? That’s right, as water flows through the meter, air flows with it, and your meter can’t tell the difference, so you get charged. This could be accounting for as much as a quarter of your water and sewer costs. The solution to curbing these unwanted charges is through the use of smart water valves and can help your facility implement these handy devices. Smart water valves work by removing as much air as possible from water before it runs through your meter without reducing water pressure, making it a solution for even residential buildings. Depending on water usage and pressure readings, most smart water value users will see water and sewer costs reduced between 10% and 25%. offers smart water valves with no investment so that you can experience savings from day one without impacting your capital budget.

Consumption Monitoring

One of the best ways to control water costs is to avoid paying for water you don’t use, especially when that water comes as the result of a leaking irrigation system or a stuck cooling tower valve. And the key to staying on top of your water costs and minimizing these costly breakdowns is through monitoring and can help your facility do just this. We provide real-time water monitoring systems that learn about your facilities water consumption patterns. When the system detects an abnormality in your water usage, you get notified immediately via your smartphone about where the leak is occurring and how big it is, so that you can fix the problem in hours rather than days. That’s more money in your pocket and peace of mind in the face of catastrophe.

Cooling Tower Optimization

Cooling towers account for approximately 30% of a facility’s total water usage.  Keeping them running efficiently is paramount to keeping your water costs in check; to keep your cooling towers efficient, minimizing scaling and corrosion is a must. provides anti-scaling and corrosion systems on a no investment basis that can be added to any cooling tower system. These systems work by pre-emptively removing solids that cause corrosion and scale build-up to keep them from entering your cooling tower. This results in not only reduced water use, but also reductions in energy and chemical use as well.

Emergency Generators

The addition of an emergency generator has always been a way to ensure available back-up power, especially for critical facilities. But emergency generators can also be utilized as a capacity management asset. Rather than only turning them on when the power goes out, emergency generators can be fired up when the grid experiences stress due to high electricity demand.

Utilizing your generator in this regard will allow you to qualify for demand response programs and receive payments for your generation. Additionally, you will be reducing the amount of energy that you draw from the grid during these high demand periods, which will reduce your PLC number and capacity costs, but will also offset transmission and distribution charges from the utility.

Facility Room Controls

Hotels present unique challenges for energy management. Guest rooms are occupied on irregular schedules and each guest has their own preferences and energy use pattern. You can’t make your guests practice energy efficiency, so as a hotel manager, inefficient energy practices and high costs are something you seem stuck with. though can help you take back some control through a hotel room control system.

Hotel room control systems allow your hotel to centralize and even automate several guest room functions. Through the use of occupancy sensors you can keep tabs on when guests leave their rooms and for how long. Knowing this allows you to turn down thermostats, turn off lights and appliances, and close blinds in rooms that are unoccupied, reducing energy waste and saving your hotel money. These processes can usually be automated and your guests won’t even notice a difference.

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